7 Bad Habits That Kills Your Style And Look

We all have some good and bad habits.but the bad habits that you need to shift is that which kills your style and look. Sometime you didn’t notice how your bad habits reflect our style and look.

I listed 7 bad habits that really kills your style and look.

1: Being Negative

Being negative from inside it shows the fear and nervousness from your body, no matter how much you are dress well and well-groomed,but you are not being positive from inside nothing will go right, and one more thing being negative it shows an anti-social behaviour that is not accepted by the society.

A positive attitude brings optimism into your life and make it easier to avoid worries and negative thinking.

when you will be positive from inside it would bring constructive change into your lifestyle,and make you happier,brighter and more successful and it will appear on your looks and face.
so stay positive and all shall be fine because “positivity is everything”

2: Biting Your Nails

Often many people bite their nails constantly as a means for passing the time or thinking something when they have nothing to do,bored ,lonely and when they are nervous.

Nails biting is not merely a bad personality gesture or attitude but it also bad for health because when you touch different surfaces of your mouth with your fingers ,it contain harmful virus and bacteria into to your fingers.

It also damage the skin around your nails, and increase the risk of infection like colds and flue.

3:Hands In Your Pockets

You know we think ,we look cool and more stylish with this attitude ,let me tell you it’s not a big deal for some people but it is the most important thing to notice.
According to body language when someone becomes unsatisfied with his self image he will put his hands in his pocket ,it is common to see that generally people put their hands in pocket when they feel unsatisfied with their look,clothes or their actions it also shows powerlessness and shyness.

Know how to dress.

4:Using Crutch Words

you know what are crutch words ??

you know?
so i was saying

These words are called crutch words,,these are the words that you really want to avoid,while your conversation.
Crutch word does not add meaning to a statement they are better to left unsaid.

5: How’s your gig line? Is it in line?

when you dressing or grooming it shows how you are confidence ,how you think and your self-empowerment.
The gig line is the straight line made by the edge of your shirt with the bottom holes,the edge of your belt buckle,and the edge of the fly on your trousers.

 bad habits that really kills your style and look

6:Is Your Tie Too Long Or Too Short?

when your tie is very short ,it can make you to look like a child and clownish, when it is too long it can make the whole look sloppy and frumpy.

your tie should be in a proper manner ,means it should be no too long or too short, the length of a tie should be till the edge of your belt buckle.

 bad habits that really kills your style and look

7: Are Your Sleeves Rolled Sloppily?

Rolling up your sleeve is the best way to look cool in the hot weather.
when you roll up your sleeves,did you ever noticed is it rolled correctly or not??

There are many way to roll up your sleeves but i like the master roll because it is the simplest one and very easy to unfold it,i will tell you how to do it.

a) First unbutton the cuff and gauntlet buttons
b) Flip the cuff back and inside out.
c) Then pull the flipped cuff all the way to just below your elbow without folding,and then turn the sleeve inside out as it goes.
d) After that take the bottom of the inside-out portion and fold it up until it traps the bottom of the cuff.

 bad habits that really kills your style and look


These are the bad habits that kills your style and look, it also gives a bad impression to others about your personality. I hope it will surely help you in your personality development and behaviour. Thank you for the full reading of this article, if you find this post helpful, then help others by sharing it on social media.

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