Best Workout Playlist

Here is the best playlist for your workouts, which helps you to improve the quality of your session by increasing your stamina and putting you in a better mood, there are also some motivational speeches which i mostly use to listen during my workout session. And this playlist never let me down.

How i stay dedicated to my workout

People love to listen to workout music like hip hop, rock music and other regional songs during their workout session, it not only motivates them but also boosts their energy during weight lifting and other intense workouts.

Researches have shown us that workout songs or motivational speeches help in adrenaline rush during hard workouts. Here presenting you the glimpse of my workout playlist which will surely help you during your intense workout sessions.

1. We Will Rock You :- Queen

2. Stronger :- kanye West

Workout Playlist

3. Fed Up :- Bazanji

Workout Playlist

4. The Universal Alpha :- Emway

5. Welcome To The Jungle :- Guns N’ Roses (Explicit Version)

6. Don’t Stop The Music :- Rihanna

7. Wake Me Up :- Avicii

8. The Monster :- Eminem, Rihanna

9. Mercy :- Kanye West

10. Work Hard, Play Hard :- Wiz Khalifa

11. Timber :- Pitbull

12. Work Bitch :- Britney Spears

13. Burn :- Ellie Goulding

Motivational Speech

Morning Motivation (Set Your Life Up To Win)

90 Minutes :- Song By Fearless Football Motivation

One Thing Motivation :- (Extended Version)

Failure (Fearless Motivation)

Discipline (Fearless Motivation)

I Am (Fearless Motivation)

Motivation Is Not Enough (Fearless Motivation)

Workout Playlist

Consistency (Fearless Motivation)

Anything Is Possible (Fearless Motivation)

My Escape (Fearless Motivation)

Workout Playlist

Dream Big (Fearless Motivation)

Workout Playlist


I hope you are going to enjoy these playlists, music is the best energy booster which can give you a better result during your workout, these are just some suggestions you can comment on your playlist. But at the end workout should GO ON

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