8 Ways To Dress Like A Male Model

Have you ever notice why models look differently, the way they dress up ,fit and groomed. Here I’m going to discuss these 8 ways to dress like a male model.

People think it is easy but let me tell you ,it require a lot of dedication and hard-work to look like a model, you have to invest yourself in fitness and fashion, then it make a difference form other people because if you want to look different and stylish then you have to consider your wardrobe like models do.

1 – Have Self-Confidence

Nobody is perfect and nobody expects you to be either.It is the most important thing that you should have to wear while you dress up because it reflects your personality.

In a simple way when you have a confidence what you have dress up naturally there is nothing to worry.

Everyone has things they love and hate about their bodies, so it’s all about finding out what your best assets are and showcasing them.

You should know that not only by having a dress like male model make you unique but you also need self-confidence inside you that makes you more different and unique than others.

Know how to boost your self-confidence

2 – Wear A Well-Fitted Suit

Oh! the best part is here,when you want to look good in suit then be 100% sure about your fitting.

If you are buying suit then focus on the fit across the shoulders because getting the chest and waist altered is a relatively easy.

According to ashley weston who is a top celebrity menswear stylist and Men’s Style Expert who’s been called by The New York Times.


The length of the suit jacket will dictate how balanced your upper body is to your lower body mess up the length of the jacket and the whole suit will look off.

The jacket should end around mid-crotch if you’re under 5’9”. Mid to lower if you’re any taller than that. The model’s jacket below is perfectly in the “mid-to-lower crotch” area.


The important thing is that when you bend your wrist so your palms are facing the ground, the jacket sleeves should be about ¼” above the top of your hand. If you have a longer sleeves, a tailor can easily fix it..


The shoulders should lay perfectly flat, with no divots or rumpling or pulling on the shoulders. You want the shoulder seams of the jacket to end at the end of your shoulders – where they start curving down to your arm, basically there should be no divots or wrinkles in the shoulders anywhere.


The collar should rest against your shirt collar, which in turn should rest against the back of your neck.

All of these should touch lightly, without significant gaps in between, if there’s a gap, it’s too loose.

If there’s bunching just under the back of the jacket collar, it’s too tight or the stance of the jacket is off.

you can use black and petrel blue suit and you can use it more than one occasion and place.

3-Shirts and T-shirts


The best way to look simple and more stylish you can use white black button shirts and you can roll up your sleeves to look cool and classy
like the way i normally use.

when you are planning for night out you can use black button down shirt look how i use it and one another thing when you wear a black clothe you look taller than the other color.

Dress Like a Male Model


A good quality white,black and navy blue t-shirts are the best simple way to look confident and classy ,like you can use it anywhere and it can be adjustable inside any shirts and jacket. You can use leather jacket like i use they never go out of fashion.

 dress like a male model

4-Take Care Of Your Hair

Hair is an important part of your appearance and sets the tone for your entire look.

It can make you look like a professional, stylish or bum.
if you dress like a professional and your hair doesn’t match with your dress it will ruin your entire look.

Make your hair cut according to your face that’s match up, a good haircut is a confidence booster and it changes your own perception make your hair cut about one times in a month.

Massage your hair with oil before shampooing it you can use any good product that suited according to your hair.

Usually male model use hair wax,because these are perfect for smart and formal hairstyle, the main purpose is to add texture,control,shine and hold the hair. Don’t use water -based product like mousses and gels.

5-Pamper Your Face And Skin

Not only dress like a male model but also your face and skin should be clean and healthy, In order to keep your face and skin looking great you need to take care of it.
keep in mind stop touching your face all the time the first step is to always wash your face in the morning to remove access dirt, grime and oil.

Use a good quality of moisturizer cream before leaving the house when you comeback to your home always wash your face because you get a lot of dirt and grime throughout the day.

You have to wash your face twice a day once in the morning after you wake up and once at night before your go to the bed.

Get some good skin cream and use it. Find the product that solves your particular problems, whether that’s oily skin, dry skin, or something else entirely.

6- Use Sunglasses

Sunglasses are part of your look as soon as you put them on.

Use a pair of good quality of sunglasses that suits according to your face because different face shapes suit different style of sunglasses.

Wear your sunglasses without wearing them, it means Sunglasses hooked onto outside pockets or shirt collars is a great way to accessorize your outfit and make a style statement without actually ‘wearing’ them.

Dress Like a Male Model

7-Watches And Belts

A wrist watch is the most convenient way to tell the time,and it communicate a lot about the wearer’s personality.

Normally The range of acceptable jewelry for a man is limited. maximum men are only going to be seen with two main accessories decorating their hands – a nice watch and a stylish pair of cuff links.you can use a good quality of watch that match up with your dress code .

Belt often used as a fashionable accessory, with many colors, styles and purpose.

There are several different types of belts use by male model and they all serve different purposes like formal and casual belts use a good quality of black and brown belt.

 dress like a male model

8 – Level-Up Your Footwear

Shine your shoes more often than you think you need to.

You can use black and brown shoes they never go out of style and you can wear throughout the year don’t use long shocks like i use the smaller around don’t show it when you were leather shoes you look cool crisp and classy, if you really want to dress like model then one thing you should know that usually the male model use such type of out-fit.


I hope this is going to help you, consider all these point and level up your dressing sense and upgrade your wardrobe.
So Dress up like make model and look different and be unique. Thank you for the full reading of this article, if you find this post helpful, then help others by sharing it on social media.

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