How I Stay Dedicated To My Fitness Goals

Staying dedicated to the goal is very important because you can not able to achieve any goal without dedication. I am going to tell you how I dedicated to my fitness goals and what are the things that keep me motivated towards my fitness.

In the beginning, I saw many people start going to the gym but I see many of them quit after a week because they are not dedicated or they don’t make a commitment to make changes in their life.

1 Create A Workout Plan

Any goal will be achievable only when you have proper planning for it, I schedule my workout plan like I make a schedule for other important works.

Proper planning keeps us motivated towards our goals and it helps to achieve the next level of our plan which we have created.

For example, if I make a three-month plan to lose my fat then a dedication created in my mind that I have to lose fat in three months anyhow at any cost.

So make sure to create a workout plan to stay motivated towards your goals.

2 Set A Goal

Without having goals you can not achieve anything in your life, a goal helps you to clarify what you desire to do in your life, understanding the importance of pursuing them and committing yourself to make them happen.

Start with simple goals and then progress to longer range goals, while Setting goals gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation, It helps you to organize your time and your resources.

After setting a goal when you measure your goals progress, you stay on track, you see your target dates and experience the excitement of achievement that will propel you to reach your final goals.

I write my fitness goals that how I want to see myself in the next two or three months, it helps me to clarify what I desire to do, it helps me to understand the importance of pursuing them and commitment to make them happen.

3 Set An Example Like Whom You Want To Become

If you set an example of someone to whom you like to get physique, then it encourages or inspire you and helps you to get a physique like them.

Like my role model is Hrithik Roshan and I want a physique like him then I work according to him to achieve that level of the physique, it also gives me motivation and inspiration.

By setting an example we make changes in our daily life and improve our self to achieve our goals and the things that we want in our life.

4 Motivate Others In Order To Get Motivated

When you try to motivate others you have to first motivate yourself, like a teacher only able to teach their children only when he learns first then he will be able to implement to their children.

When you try to teach or motivate other you take the things more seriously because you know first you have to be perfect in that field then you can implement on others and other will only listen to you when they see that things or motivation inside you.

Like if I want to motivate others how to gain weight, then I have to show them how I gain weight first then they will take it seriously and motivated by me, then you can motivate others and back it motivates you more.

5 I Ask My Self Why I Started

Sometimes I feel that I’m losing my confidence and dedication and think to give up, then I ask myself why I started, I think about people around me that they are average because they gave up on their goals I don’t to be like them.

I think that they laugh at me because I give up these are the things that come in my mind when I lose my confidence but after that, I realise these things and motivate myself I work hard more than before I used to do.

Whenever you feel that you are losing your confidence then ask yourself that why you have started, if you can not make it happen then you don’t have to start it then there is a positive thing comes in your mind that if you start your goal with confidence then finish it with confidence.

Always ask yourself why you started before giving up.

6 I Reward Myself

Everyone likes to get rewards, I reward myself when I reach my goals or achieve a fitness level that I want, it motivates me and boosts my energy for the next level of my fitness goals.

Take an example of a child that if you tell him to do the work he will not do but if you tell him that after finishing the work he will get chocolate he will do with the dedication because he knows that after finishing the work he will get chocolate.

So this is the power of rewards which helps you to achieve your goals and also motivate it towards your goal.

7 Get A Good Playlist

I always have a good playlist for my workout it helps in increasing the stamina and it put me in a more energetic mood.

I mostly prefer to listen motivational song which keeps me motivated during my workouts.

Music also helps in avoiding the noise and disturbance which occur in the gym and it keeps you motivated towards your workouts.

A good playlist is a good way to improve the performance in the gym.

Best Workout Playlist


Dedication Has No Limitation. If you keep this word in your mind I tell you guys you can achieve any goals in your life. These are the above points which makes me dedicated towards my goals in my life.

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