7 Things That Haters Teach Us

Take a second and smile guys because you have haters, it means you are doing good in your life.

Your haters are best care taker, because they care about each and everything that happens in your life .

If someone hates you don’t hate them back because it’s a bad idea, let them hate it’s their attitude and mindset regarding you not yours.

Love your haters, because they help you to grow more and make difference between you and them, and if you give love rather than hate may be you are able to change their thinking regarding you and make them a better person.

Let’s know the 7 reasons:-

1.It Shows That You Are Doing The Right Things

Remember one thing when you do something good or achieve success in your life, it is obvious you grow haters around you it’s not your fault, they grow because they are jealous of your success and accomplishments.

Don’t take it as a negative, it’s a signal that you have achieved a certain level of success in your life.

Let’s suppose if you have nothing done good in your life or achieved success no one care about it, but when you do something great then so many people around you start criticize you and your work, it’s shows that you are better than your haters.

They shows you, that you are on the right path towards your success.

2.Let Them Criticize, And Use It As A Motivation

sometime criticism make us worry and also leads to distraction regarding our goals.

Your haters only try to demotivate you and they never tells you what is good inside you, they only focus on your weakness and try to controls you by their negativity thoughts.

Don’t speak when they criticize you only speak by your hard work and success, after that they have nothing to criticize even they get more jealous.

When they criticize or try to demotivate you, you can either forget it from your memory or you can take their words as a motivation and try to find positive things may be you can upgrade yourself by their criticism.

So, you need to control the negativity before it controls you.

3.Haters Help You To Control Your Anger

Anger is just a normal healthy human emotion but when it turns out of control then it turns into problems and destruction.

When we listen something about us which is not real, then we get anger and loose our mind and we do something which is unexpected and may be harm ourselves.

But, remember one thing try to control your anger let them criticize, try to calm and try to respond them calmly even, don’t care what they speak.

Forgive them and think their mindset is only to criticize others because they are not like that they want to be in their life that’s why they criticize you.
when you care more about your haters then you harm yourselves more and more.

4.Haters Get Jealous By Your Success

Jealousy is a human behaviour, usually they get jealous by seeing others that they are more success than them but they don’t know about the hard work behind it.

Haters get jealous by your success and even more they frustrated, but it’s not your problem, it is them.

Don’t take it personally try to avoid it, People who are jealous of you know that you are doing well and they want that for themselves.

They hate you because you are too perfect than them.

5.Haters Makes You Better

Sometimes criticism by haters make a positive changes inside us, they make us feel that in which area we are not perfect or what we are doing wrong if their criticism make you better then take it as a positive way.

Negative thoughts by haters shows their behaviour and show you who they really are, after that you are more conscious about such type of people before they come in your life.

Always take them positively because they are already taking you as a negative so you must keep difference between you and them.

This is normal and perfectly fine, use this to your advantage and always try to hear different opinions in order to understand more about what people think and expect from you.

6.Haters Reveal The Truth

Haters always tell you the truth not about you but about themselves, they shows their behaviour and nature regarding you.

They shows you that you are doing good in your life and you are more success than them.

They reveal the truth that they are frustrated by your accomplishment.

Haters shows that they are not of your type, they know only one thing to criticize others.

7.Haters Shows The Differences Between You And Them

why haters hate you?

Haters hate you because there is something difference between you and them, and the difference is that you are too good and success than them in the life.

They make you to feel the difference by their own criticism and it’s a better way to know about you that you are doing something better than them.

They create more differences like you are successful than them,you are not like them in behaviour, you are a nice person, not like them a jealous person and many more differences they show.


Again I’m telling you don’t try to make your haters demotivate you, always stay calm and forgets about them and their thoughts, even work harder and do whatever you want to do in your life, it’s your life don’t make it control by your haters. Thank you for the full reading of this article, if you have any doubts let me know in the comments below.

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