7 Things That Make Men “Ugly”!

There are many things that make men unattractive or disgusting, they are unaware of such thing,I found out these 7 things that really make men ugly.

It can make a men “ugly” to women also. Many things that a guy don’t know what they are doing that really make them unattractive, so considered all these points carefully.

1- When You Only Talks About Yourself

 7 things that really make men ugly-only talk yourself

According to abraham lincoln “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

It doesn’t mean you remain silent all the time but speak only when it’s important and give time to other’s to share their opinion..

when you “speak less listen more” it shows that you see the things from their point of view and so that the person you’re speaking to feel understand and bonded with you .

Speaking and listening in a balanced way leads to a better communication and it’s better to give time to other to share their opinion.

Let’s suppose if you are only talking about yourself without listening other’s,did you ever realise that the person to whom you are talking is interested or not, if yes then good ,if no then it’s like a bad ass .
Tell me to whom you listen more closely,someone who continuously talk without shutting up,or who only speak when it’s important and speak in a while??

Let me tell you if you constantly share your point of view no one will interested they will get bored.
I am not suggesting that you remain silent and keep your opinion to yourself all the time ,but only speak when it’s important.Before you speak, ask yourself whatever you’re speaking is truly important.”try to be a good listener”

2-Talking Too Loudly On The Phone In Public

 7 things that really make men ugly-talking loudly on phone

Be a gentlemen, stop talking too loudly on the phone in public ,Many people seem to do it without realising , what impact it create on other.

Like some men talk like this helloooooooooooo, ohhhhhh my godddddd ,too lodly in public but make it clear it only make you ugly and a bullshit behaviour.

Talking too loudly in public also reveals your privacy so stop doing this behaviour.

Let me tell you guys i have an experience of one of my friend who use to talk loudly on the phone in public,did you know how public reacts??,
He usually use to talk like hellllooooooo and the people around him started watching with widely open eyes.

So, these are the bad thing you must avoid while you are in a public.

3-Complaining About Every Little Thing

 7 things that really make men ugly-complaining

A person who complaining about every little thing can not be considered as a gentlemen,because when you are complaining about something it releases a negative energy around you.

A person whose attitude be like complaining everything can not be considered he is happy with his life ,he only considered as a terrible person and gives you a false sense of grandeur.

when you are complaining it may be bad for your mood and the mood of the person to whom you are talking ,You become unlikeable and people will try to avoid you.

when you complain about something you will look stressed and terrible that makes you unattractive.

It’s okay when you are going with hard times in your life you can complain it,but complaining about every little thing is not good it’s only make you ugly.

4-Checking Out Other Women Constantly

It’s not a good quality of a gentlemen to checkout other women , I wish that didn’t exist but it’s the way things are nowadays. I would never, ever, even think so.

when you are with your girl in public try to be with her don’t check out others because it makes uncomfortable to her and other’s also ,try that only have eyes for the lady on your arm

when you constantly checkout other women it only show the attitude of indecent and amorous.

you know a woman check out other woman more than men ,but there is different in their attitude and behaviour ,i think you can understand what i mean to say.

5- Bad Body Odor

You know Body odor is one of those weird things that is mostly out of our control.

There are many reason behind your bad body odor like your bad breath,your underarms and your smelly feet.

Bad odor makes the people uncomfortable around you and it also create a bad impact.

Always try to use good body product and use deodorant before leaving the house.

6-Dresses Like Shit

When you dress like a shit you’re going to look like an idiot, after that no body is going to interact with you and nobody is going to listen you..

Always avoid to use wrinkle clothes,use clean and fresh clothes it leaves you felling better about yourself and it also boost your self-confidence.

Try to learn dressing code ,learn how to dress properly,and have knowledge on which occasions what you have to wear.

7-Having Too Many Piercing And Tattoos On Your Face

 7 things that really make men ugly-tattoos and piercing

Having too many piercing and tattoos on your face make you look horrible.

According to me tattoos take away attractiveness from a guy’s. you have a beautiful god gifted body but some people make it horrible and distracting by putting tattoos on their body..

When you get tattoos it breach the skin,which means that skin infections and other complications are possible.


So avoid these things that really make men ugly in front of others, i hope it will surely help you in your personality development. Thank you for the full reading of this article, if you find this post helpful, then help others by sharing it on social media.

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