Top Best Exercise For The Bicep

Here is the top best exercise for your biceps to grow faster, biceps is one of my favourite exercises and most of the people want to build their bicep size fast as compare to other body parts.

Whenever a new guy started the gym they usually consider their growth by comparing their bicep size.

I consider those exercise which helps to build the biceps muscle and these are the exercise that I used in my workouts.

1: Barbell Curl

Barbell curl is the first choice for most of the fitness freak mostly this is the first biceps exercise perform by bodybuilders.

This exercise helps to build muscle and strength in the biceps muscles. It is easy to perform start with light weights after that go to heavy weights.

It targets the biceps brachii of your muscle group.

Top Best Exercise For The Bicep-barbell curl

2: Reverse Barbell Curl

The reverse barbell curl is most effective strength gaining exercise which mainly targets on your wrist and biceps.

It work primary on your muscle group like brachialis of the upper arm and secondary on brachioradialis of the forearm.

Top Best Exercise For The Bicep-reverse barbell curl

3: Incline Dumbell Curl

The incline dumbell curl focus on the biceps brachii of your muscle,it is
considered as the largest and most visible muscle of the biceps.

It create a deeper stretch on the biceps muscle tissues.

The incline dumbell curl is an exercise used to build bigger biceps.

Top Best Exercise For The Bicep-incline dumbell curl

4: Incline Hammer Curl

The incline hammer curl helps to increase the stretch on the long head of the biceps muscles.

It trains the flexor muscle of your biceps.

Top Best Exercise For The Bicep-incline hammer curl

5: Preacher Curl

Preacher curl a good exercise for building the inner biceps.

You can perform the preacher curl with a dumbell or barbell as well.

Top Best Exercise For The Bicep-preacher curl

6:Standing Cable Curl

The biceps cable curl targets the upper arm of the biceps muscle, this exercise is also used to strengthening the upper body parts.

It targets the biceps brachii muscles.

It may be used as an alternative to the dumbell or barbell curl.

Top Best Exercise For The Bicep-standing cable curl

7: Hammer Rope Cable Curls

The hammer rope cable curl works on both of your biceps as well triceps of your arms.

Top Best Exercise For The Bicep-hammer rope cable curls

8: Concentration Curl

A concentration curl has a great mind muscle connection.

Concentration curl is one of the best exercise for building the bigger biceps.

I prefer it to the last of the exercise to blast the biceps size.

This is one of the best exercise to isolate your biceps and it helps to grow your shorter heads of your biceps because it involves lower weights or reps.

Concentration curls are a good bicep exercise for growing the muscle fibres on the peak of the biceps.

Concentration curls benefits to increase the potential muscle growth.

Top Best Exercise For The Bicep-concentration curl


Trust me guys’ the above exercise are really going to help you in building the bigger biceps size because i have seen the result. So next time when you go to the gym just hit these exercise, you will find amazing result. If you find this article helpful then share with your friends and others.

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