Best Triceps Exercise For Beginners

Best Triceps Exercise For Beginners, when it comes to building bigger arms, people usually focus on biceps rather than triceps muscle, but here they make a big mistake. For building strong, well-shaped and toned arms you have to focus on both muscle biceps and triceps.

A triceps is a three-headed muscle on the back of your arm, which are the long head, lateral head, and the medial head and it contributes more to your upper arm size than the biceps.

Newbies to the gym often spend much time focusing on the biceps, they start lifting dumbbells with all attention focused on building biceps and some more biceps.

Let me tell you, your strength is not measured by the size of your biceps but by your triceps muscle, a big triceps make your arm muscles look bigger and more defined.

For building bigger arms you have to work on both the muscle biceps and triceps, these exercise will help beginners in building triceps.

So what are you waiting, Let’s go and blow up your arms with these Triceps Exercises.

Diamond Push-Up

Diamond push-up is similar to a normal push up, but in this variation, you have to form a diamond shape with your index fingers and thumbs by bringing your hands together, which target your triceps muscles.

It requires your upper body strength while performing this exercise keep your elbows close to your sides as you drop down and push back up, this will ensure you are hitting your triceps as hard as possible.

This triceps variation improved triceps strength, muscle hypertrophy, and lockout performance.

Parallel Dip

Best Triceps Exercise For Beginners - parallel dip

The parallel dip is done using parallel bars, in the beginning, it is difficult to perform but when you get habitual it is easy to perform.

In the parallel dip variation knees are bent due to this exercise become easier.

It only requires body weight or it can be done with external loading like plates, dumbbells and chains.

Parallel dip play an important role in building the upper body part, it targets your triceps and the lat muscle in the back.


Best Triceps Exercise For Beginners - skullcrusher

Skullcrusher promotes stronger triceps, it is a versatile triceps exercise that can be done with a variety of equipment like a dumbbell, bars, kettlebells, cable system and other free weights, and there are so many ways to do them.

You should add this exercise into your routine to provide better strength and definition to your arms.

I mostly prefer EZ bar for this exercise, but you can also use a straight bar, barbell or dumbbell.
The skull crusher help to develop the long head of the triceps brachii.

Close-Grip Bench Press

Best Triceps Exercise For Beginners - close grip bench press

Close-Grip Bench Press can be a great exercise if you’re working both the chest and triceps in the same workout.

I usually do this exercise when I perform tow exercise on the same day like chest and triceps together.

It’s a great choice for building bigger triceps.

Cable Push-Down

Best Triceps Exercise For Beginners - cable push down

I like this exercise too much, sometimes I forget to count how many reps I have completed.

In cable push-down variation there are maximum muscle contractions, it targets the triceps muscle for better definition and bigger arms.

The cable pushdown is an effective single-joint exercise for targeting the triceps.

The cable push-down can be done in two ways:-

  • Rope Pushdown
  • Bar pushdown

The bar pushdown is similar to the rope pushdown but it is slightly less effective.

You can also do this exercise at home with an exercise band.

Seated Overhead Dumbbell Extension

Best Triceps Exercise For Beginners - seated overhead dumbbell extension

I remember My coach always used to do this exercise, after completing the warm-up session.

Whenever I do triceps workout I include some overhead extension exercise like seated overhead dumbbell extension, cable overhead triceps extension and other overhead extensions.

Dumbbell overhead extensions can be done standing or seated(chair and bench).

Dumbbell Overhead Triceps Extension

Best Triceps Exercise For Beginners - dumbbell overhead triceps extension

Using dumbbells rather than the cable machine works each arm individually, helping to even out any strength imbalances in your triceps. The move is done in the same way as with a cable machine.

Start holding both dumbbells above your head with your arms extended.

Cable Triceps Extension

The cable triceps extension exercise works the triceps muscles by extending arms behind your neck.

I also like the V-bar and straight bar attachments more than the rope because they allow you to push more weight.


A strong and well-shaped arms helps you to improve your upper body postures, and it gives you a strong personality look.

Strong arms are important for upper body movement you do each day and your triceps are often the heavy lifters.

So whenever you hit the gym just try the above mentioned triceps exercise it will help you in building bigger and stronger arms.

The best triceps exercise for beginners, If you find this article is helpful to you then please share with your friends and others, keep them fit and healthy.

So comment below which one of the above exercise you like most.

Best Exercise For The Stronger And Bigger Biceps.

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