Why Black Coffee Boost Your Workout-7 Reasons

Well, scientifically proven 7 reason why black coffee boost your workout, why bodybuilder take it as a pre-workout to boost their energy in the gym and how it act as a great source of antioxidant.

Black coffee also helps in muscle soreness and acts as a fuel injector in the gym.

Before dealing with the reasons let i have to clear about The nutritional value of black coffee

1. 100 ml of black coffee contain
2. 8 Milligram Of magnesium
3. 92 mg of potassium
4. 0.7 mg of niacin
5. 0.05 mg of manganese
6. 0.01 mg of riboflavin

1-It Act As A Fuel Enjector

Why Black Coffee Boost Your Workout

It stimulates our central nervous system and helps in the production of energy by reducing stored fat in the body. A cup of coffee contains about 60 to 100 mg of caffeine, Which helps to reduce the stored body fat.

When the fat is released into the bloodstream, they become free fatty acids, You can then use them as a fuel. It increase the stamina and strength when you drank before the workout and push you beyond your previous limits.

It helps you to recover from intense workout and fight with the free radicals generated during the workout session and speed up recovery.

2-Black Coffee Boost Energy

Why Black Coffee Boost Your Workout

Drinking black coffee before hitting the gym increases epinephrine (adrenaline) levels in the blood which in turn boosts your physical strength and improves performance by 10 to 11 per cent.

This is due to the caffeine content that helps in the breakdown and metabolism of the fat to be used as fuel. Caffeine also lowers muscle post-workout.

It has a ton of fat-burning properties, it can cause fat cells to be used as an energy source as opposed to glycogen.

3-Less Muscle Soreness

Why Black Coffee Boost Your Workout

what is muscle soreness?

when your body muscle are required to work harder then they are used to ,it causes microscopic damage to the muscle fibers that results in muscle soreness,at this time your muscle feels tight and achy.

Research from the University of Georgia and the University of Illinois has found that two to three cup of coffee “or equivalent to the caffeine” can reduce the possibilities of muscle pain.

While your workout when your body have less muscle soreness, you can go harder and even you can do few extra reps probably wouldn’t have gotten if that muscle soreness was too much.

When you do more reps means the work done by your muscle are high and it gives a better result.

Caffeine may help preserve your muscle as you age, and reduce the risk of injuries.

4-Black Coffee Helps In Weightloss

Why Black Coffee Boost Your Workout

Caffeine has been proven to aid in the fat burning process and has been shown to increase the metabolic rate by 4 to 12 per cent.

Consuming black coffee can help you burn fat by increasing the body’s metabolism.

A study showed the effectiveness of caffeine in the fat-burning process by as much as 10 per cent in obese people and 29 per cent in lean people.

It helps to decrease the extra water content in the body through frequent urination.

5-It Act As Antioxidant

Why Black Coffee Boost Your Workout

Black coffee is the powerhouse of antioxidants, and the main source of antioxidants come from the coffee beans.

It helps to focus,improve performance,better concentration during workout and makes your workout more enjoyable.

Black coffee contains Vitamin B2, B3, B5, Manganese, potassium and magnesium.

Coffee is high in antioxidants compared to other fruits and vegetables and it act as a effective pre-workout drink, it helps to fight the free radicals generated during the workout and speed up in the recovery process.

Scientists say there are approximately 1,000 antioxidants in the unprocessed coffee beans and during the roasting process, hundreds more develop.

6-Black Coffee Improves Your Physical Performance

Why Black Coffee Boost Your Workout

More importantly,caffeine increase the adrenaline levels in blood, adrenaline is a hormone that ready your body for intense physical exertion.

It can improve endurance and increase muscular strength and stimulates the central nervous system to reduce fatigue, drowsiness and boost your physical performance.

Caffeine can specifically burn fat as caffeine stimulates your nervous system, it goes on to send signals to other parts of your body, fat cells are signaled to break down body fat.

Studies have shown that it can burn as much as 29% fat in lean folks and 10% for obese folks.

When the fat is released into the bloodstream, they become free fatty acids. You can then use them as fuel. Coffee can boost metabolic rate by 3-11% too.

So go and improve your physical performance by putting all the above points together.

Next time you head off to the gym, try a cup of black coffee before you go.

7- Black Coffee Can Reduce Post-Workout Pain

Why Black Coffee Boost Your Workout

when a beginner started to head off to the gym in a starting process, they feel pain in their body muscles after a workout, it can be reduce by taking caffeinated coffee as it produce a large decrease in sensitivity to pain.

Some people say no pain, no gain. But soreness is not always good after working out it create an intense pain in your body muscle. To reduce the pain, try drinking two cups of coffee.

Not only can coffee help you work out better, it also takes care of you afterward and it also increase metabolism, One hour after drinking, pain intensity was calculated using a 0 to 100 scale.

So go and improve your physical performance by putting all the above points together.
Next time you head off to the gym, try a cup of black coffee before you go!


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